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Your age, basic health problem and extent of your impotence are other aspects that can influence the dose you are prescribed.

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Sildenafil (Viagra citrate) is a PDE5 medicine that can be suggested for the therapy of male impotence.Although Sildenafil is not meant for girls, taking this pill is not most likely to hurt you coming child by any means.


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It's finest to get your physician's prescribed before starting to use Sildenafil - in this manner you will know your medical diagnosis and the dose suggested will be most valuable for your certain situation.

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Sildenafil has to not be taken more often compared to one-time a day.

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Make certain you go for a reliable pharmacy where your buying will certainly constantly be useful and simple if you decided you will be looking online. See to it you prevent taking Sildenafil with meals higher in fat deposits, as by doing this the effects of this medicine can be delayed since of slower absorption.

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